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Rise & Shine: Michelle Rhee out, dep. chancellor will finish year

  • D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee will announce her plans to resign today. (Washington Post)
  • Rhee refused to step down, Gray wouldn’t fire her, so they’re jointly announcing her leaving. (NY Times)
  • Readers respond to Rhee and Klein’s “manifesto” on how to fix schools. (Washington Post)
  • Anonymous threats to the Shuang Wen School have some parents removing their children. (NY1)
  • Community groups working rent-free in schools now have to pay for expensive permits. (Daily News)
  • Geoffrey Canada defends Harlem Children’s Zone schools and their spending model. (Daily News)
  • As NJ moves closer to mayoral control, a study says it does not work. (Bloomberg News)
  • LA’s schools superintendent threatened to quit if the board voted down spending cuts. (LA Times)
  • A Muslim student’s family is accusing public school teachers of ignoring bullying. (Daily News)
  • The Post has three students (one private, two public) review their school lunches. (NY Post)

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