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Rise & Shine: District schools top charters on progress grades

  • Most schools got lower grades on this year’s progress reports. (GothamSchools, Times, NY1, WSJ)
  • On average, charter schools got lower grades than traditional public schools. (Post)
  • Still, just 5 percent of schools got D’s or F’s. (Daily News)
  • Manhattan’s PS 366 was one of only 22 schools to see a higher grade this year. (Post)
  • The teachers union’s Brooklyn charter school saw one of the largest score declines. (Post)
  • Harlem Success spent $1.3 million over two years on marketing, Juan Gonzalez writes. (Daily News)
  • Eva Moskowitz: The city needs more law changes to let charter schools grow. (Daily News)
  • After negative publicity, PS 95 in Queens will let a kindergartener go to class. (Daily News)
  • More districts are starting to use Singapore math, which favors understanding over skills. (Times)
  • Readers write that it’s wrong to connect Brockton High School’s turnaround to its size. (Times)
  • Louisville, Ky., has replaced its rejected integration plan with new ways to mix students. (USA Today)

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