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Rise & Shine: Fighting closure, Jamaica HS says it can improve

  • Students and teachers at Jamaica HS say their school has promise, but the DOE has lost faith. (WNYC)
  • Students at a L.I. middle school won a performance by teen singer Justin Bieber. (Post)
  • The principal of a Queens high school has been fired for soliciting sex from students. (Daily News)
  • James Merriman: a new charter study is “fresh proof” the charter cap must be lifted. (Post)
  • The Buffalo school board refused to endorse the state’s RttT application. (Buffalo News)
  • Massachusetts’ House of Reps passes a bill that will make it more competitive in RttT. (Globe)
  • Gov. Deval Patrick writes that the bill is a “rescue mission” for students in the state. (Globe)
  • More than half of public school students in the South are poor or members of minorities. (NY Times)
  • Nicholas Kristof: Costa Ricans are the happiest people because they invested in schools. (NY Times)
  • Schwarzenegger’s proposal to spend more on colleges than prisons faces tough opposition. (LA Times)