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Rise & Shine: Charters exclude high-need students, UFT says

  • A UFT report criticized charter schools for enrolling too few special needs students. (Daily News)
  • Thomas Carroll writes that the union’s recommendations would “gut” charter schools. (Post)
  • A new study says Teach for America alums have comparatively low rates of civic involvement. (Times)
  • City students rallied this weekend to save free Metrocards for students. (NY1)
  • Some prospective teachers tried to get onto the old pension plan before it ends the week. (AP, Post)
  • Parents at Stuyvesant HS and other top schools are paying for programs whose budgets were cut. (Post)
  • Chancellor Klein withdrew a DOE proposal that would have banned school raffles. (Times, NY1)
  • Top State Senate Democrat John Sampson says he supports lifting the charter cap. (Daily News)
  • Eric Grannis, lawyer (and Eva Moskowitz’s husband), says some charter schools should fail. (Daily News)
  • A handful of Islamic schools were among the only schools open last week. (Times)
  • The city unveiled two schools that will open on a new campus in Forest Hills. (Daily News)
  • New York City hasn’t decided if it will take advantage of the stimulus and build new schools. (WNYC)
  • Parents and teachers at the Bronx’s Alfred E. Smith HS plan to fight to keep the school open. (Daily News)
  • District 2 rezoning is stressing out Tribeca parents who want their kids at P.S. 234. (Tribeca Trib, NYMag)
  • Gov. Paterson says he plans to repay school districts in January whose aid he withheld. (Post, Daily News)
  • State officials say Race to the Top applications take more than the estimated 681 hours. (Times)
  • “Turnaround” is just one approach the Obama Administration backs for failing schools. (Washington Post)
  • There are so many honors students on Long Island that their credentials feel devalued. (Times)
  • New data continue to undercut Arne Duncan’s record as Chicago schools chief. (Washington Post)
  • Michelle Rhee says she’ll try to avoid teacher layoffs in D.C.’s next budget cuts. (Washington Post)
  • Kevin Huffman, the newest Washington Post columnist, outlines his ideas for improving schools.
  • The mayor of Rochester wants control of the city’s schools. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
  • A Houston charter school gets its students motivated by making college the goal. (AP)
  • A Michigan teachers college has incorporated med school-like “rounds” into its teacher training. (NPR)
  • A perpetual substitute teacher says teachers like her go unregulated in many districts. (Times)
  • Neighborhoods in Chicago will compete to open a Harlem Children’s Zone of their own. (Chicago Tribune)