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Rise & Shine: Fears and jeers over Bloomberg’s budget plans

  • Massive layoffs like those Mayor Bloomberg is floating would seriously disrupt the school system. (Times)
  • Teachers don’t like the position Bloomberg’s cuts-for-raises offer has put them in. (Daily News, NY1)
  • Reorganizing the DOE’s back-end bureaucracy will save $13 million, the city said. (GothamSchools)
  • Juan Gonzalez: The fervor to open charter schools could breed more East New York Preps. (Daily News)
  • Michael Mulgrew seems to be striking a combative stance as the UFT’s new president. (City Hall News)
  • Newtown High School held a rally to protest its position on the state’s list of failing schools. (Daily News)
  • Last year’s switch to low-fat milk in the schools saved children from lots of fat and calories. (Post)
  • President Obama’s goal of revising the NCLB law is a lofty one in a tough year for lawmaking. (Times)
  • In Haiti, where 97 percent of schools were destroyed, officials want to restart classes next week. (Times)
  • Los Angeles released a new school “report card” aimed at making comparisons easier. (L.A. Times)