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Rise & Shine: Stuy student only city finalist in science contest

  • Even after hours of public comment, many students and parents feel the PEP didn’t hear them. (Times)
  • Students and teachers in the Columbus HS building respond, with sadness, to the closings. (NY1)
  • The communities at other schools also took the closure news hard. (Post)
  • Bloomberg’s jobs-for-pay raise offer suggests he’s now bargaining in public with the UFT. (Times)
  • District 2’s parent council voted to rezone but keep most of Tribeca together. (Downtown Express)
  • The Daily News: The UFT’s sabotage of the state’s Race to the Top bid went deeper than the charter cap.
  • A Stuyvesant HS student is the only city finalist in a prestigious national science competition. (Post)
  • A lawyer says the city should stop resisting and let churches use schools on the weekend. (Daily News)
  • A fourth teacher at James Madison HS has been arrested for inappropriate sexual behavior. (Daily News)
  • Advanced Placement courses are being revised to emphasize concepts, not facts. (Washington Post)
  • Cities see strife as they try to accommodate new immigrants in integrated schools. (Wall Street Journal)