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Rise & Shine: After hours of fury, panel votes to close schools

  • Early today, the Panel for Educational Policy voted to close 19 schools. (Times, DN, NY1, Post, WNYC)
  • Read GothamSchools‘ minute-by-minute updates to see how the votes went down.
  • The lead-up to the votes was filled with angry criticism of the Department of Education. (Times, NY1)
  • Juan Gonzalez: Last night’s vote lays bare the way sentiment has turned against the mayor. (DN)
  • One lower-profile decision by the PEP will divide Staten Island’s PS 16 into two. (Staten Island Advance)
  • Joel Klein: Australians should quiet their “cynical,” “simplistic” criticism of school ratings. (The Australian)
  • President Obama’s State of the Union speech will propose an education funding hike. (Washington Post)