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Rise & Shine: Big, angry crowd expected for closure vote tonight

  • The city is set to close a DOE-authorized charter school that has serious money problems. (Post)
  • A big crowd is expected for tonight’s sure-to-be-contentious PEP vote on school closures. (NY1)
  • The big high schools being closed by the chancellor are not going down without a fight. (Times)
  • Joyce Purnick, a Jamaica HS grad, says it’s time to accept that Jamaica’s heyday is over. (Times)
  • WCBS went inside the city’s rubber rooms and talked to reassigned teachers.
  • The Times compares Albany’s charter cap balk to its rejection of congestion pricing in 2008.
  • Mayor Bloomberg said it’s not fair for legislators to lay any of the blame on the city. (Post)
  • Female teachers who don’t like math pass on their fears to their students, a study found. (L.A. Times)
  • Across the country, high schools are adding personal finance courses. (USA Today)
  • More teens got pregnant last year, for the first time in a decade; more also got abortions. (USA Today)