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Rise & Shine: First NYC Edible Schoolyard site set for PS 216

  • After legislative inaction, NYS applied for RttT without charter changes. (GS, Times, Post, Daily News)
  • The possibility of RttT funds got states to make politically unpopular policy changes. (Wall Street Journal)
  • PS 216 in Brooklyn will be the first NYC outpost of Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard program. (Times)
  • Juan Gonzalez notes that PS 15 is just one of several schools trying to avoid sharing space. (Daily News)
  • The city has agreed to let the EPA test schools for environmental toxins. (Times, Daily News)
  • In part two of its series on Paul Robeson high school, NY1 looks at the school’s attendance woes.
  • Fredric Dicker says he hopes the charter cap bills’ failure causes people to turn against the UFT. (Post)
  • The Daily News calls the legislature’s no-vote approach “cowardly and irresponsible.”
  • The Wall Street Journal lauds new ed chiefs in New Jersey and Virginia who will “butt heads” with unions.