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Remainders: National site launches to track stimulus spending

  • Clara Hemphill, founder of, is answering questions at the City Room blog this week.
  • Linda Perlstein’s description of “the TFA of journalism” sounds a lot like something we know well.
  • About 40 states submitted applications for Race to the Top funds by the deadline today.
  • A student was stabbed at University Neighborhood High School on the Lower East Side today.
  • The Education Writers Association is eliminating dues and has a job opening at the top.
  • The EWA also launched a new Web site today,, to track school stimulus spending.
  • Alexander Hoffman weighs in on the semantics of the charter cap debate.
  • Miss Eyre says she wishes her school’s upcoming quality review would review students, too.
  • PS 15 in Red Hook is gearing up for another round of fighting against PAVE Academy charter school.
  • A top education official will serve a stint in the parks department as part of a management exercise.
  • If you didn’t want to go to Yale before, you will when you see the college’s musical pitch.
  • At the National Journal, the experts are discussing the future of the AFT’s teacher evaluation initiative.
  • A fourth-grader wonders how to deal with his teacher’s two-minute tests.
  • On Martin Luther King Day, musician John Legend channeled Joel Klein on school reform.
  • Peter Goodman says there are good teachers at schools slated for closure, too.