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Rise & Shine: Proposed education law a union battleground

  • The state AFL-CIO is lobbying for teachers unions against the governor’s proposed school law. (Post)
  • The Post says lawmakers are trying to sabotage the state’s Race to the Top application.
  • The Daily News: The charter school compromise being floated would give the Regents too much control.
  • The city’s new emergency notification system will now include school information. (NY1)
  • A mom says her son’s school bus driver didn’t respond when the boy had a seizure. (Daily News)
  • Chancellor Klein will let schools stash away rainy-day funds after all. (GothamSchoolsDaily News)
  • An upstate school district cancelled classes after a student was killed. (AP)
  • Los Angeles schools somehow forgot to budget for $200 million in salaries. (L.A. Times)
  • In Chicago, volunteers tackle illiteracy where the schools continue to fall short. (Times)