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Rise & Shine: School closure fight moving to the mayor’s house

  • Randi Weingarten also called for new “due process” rules for teacher firing. (Times, Washington Post)
  • Thomas Carroll says teachers unions are trying to slip “poison pills” into the Race to the Top bill. (Post)
  • A sure-to-be-contentious meeting tonight will decide who gets zoned to Tribeca’s PS 234. (Daily News)
  • A group protesting against school closures plans to picket outside Mayor Bloomberg’s house. (Post)
  • The Village Voice looks at the effects of high-stakes testing on city schools.
  • The Albany Times-Union: The state’s Race to the Top plan is hasty and born of procrastination.
  • Diane Ravitch: City charter schools should be made to serve the neediest students. (Daily News)
  • The newest fad in city schools: A dance style that makes students look like they’re seizing. (Daily News)
  • Gov. Paterson’s son’s arrest happened during a lunch-hour Beacon HS gambling game. (Post)