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Rise & Shine: Regents set to grant seven new charters tomorrow

  • A senior legislative official says Albany will pass a compromise charter bill “within a week.” (Post)
  • At the schools slated for closure, some wonder whether anything could have been done. (Daily News)
  • The Board of Regents is set to approve seven charters, including two in closing Catholic schools. (Post)
  • The Times says the city’s top charter schools offer hope for the promise of charter schools everywhere.
  • The Daily News says the state legislature must complete a lot of education-related work before Jan. 19.
  • Letter-writers weigh in on the UFT’s charter school recommendations and the Post’s critique. (Post)
  • Thomas Carroll criticizes the UFT’s charter school proposals and its president. (Daily News)
  • The DOE’s charter school director wants Mass. to embrace the schools. (Waltham Daily News Tribune)
  • Joel Klein gets a free ride, but Chicago’s schools chief gets two, at $1,800 a month. (Chicago Tribune)
  • A second top legislator predicted that student Metrocards won’t be eliminated after all. (Post)
  • Several city schools focus on environmental issues, with an urban twist. (Times)
  • Seventy city schools will get new playgrounds under a new DOE deal with a nonprofit. (Crain’s)
  • Bronx Community College has asked a school located on its campus to leave. (Mount Hope Monitor)
  • City student athletes competed this weekend in the regional Hispanic Games. (NY1)
  • City students were also among thousands participating in a regional robotics competition. (NY1)
  • Jay Mathews: Policy changes don’t always change classrooms, a new study finds. (Washington Post)
  • The Obama Administration hasn’t actually made any changes to the NCLB law yet. (Washington Post)
  • Michelle Rhee says National Board Certification is too expensive for D.C.’s teachers. (Washington Post)
  • The founder of a city charter school wants to open more schools in Atlanta. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  • After talking to Klein, the mayor of Syracuse wants to take over the schools. (Syracuse Post-Standard)
  • Some suburban districts are supplanting AP classes with early college programs. (Times)
  • California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a law that would ease teacher firings. (L.A. Times)
  • A coalition is growing to open a Harlem-style Children’s Zone in Albany. (Albany Times-Union)