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Remainders: City teacher to spend next year at the Dept of Ed

  • Edwize profiles Michael Mulgrew, six weeks after we did. A new factoid: Two of his siblings are teachers.
  • GothamSchools blogger Ruben Brosbe says his teaching years have been the best of his life.
  • A Bronx mom describes how parents at her school raise extra funds, which don’t pay for extra teachers.
  • Besides that whole school governance thing, the State Senate doesn’t have much planned for Thursday.
  • A Staten Island teacher describes a public hearing about new charter schools in that borough.
  • Center for Immigrant Families members say parent “training” ignores how much parents already know.
  • Clara Hemphill on planning the Frank McCourt school: It’s a chance to build her almost-dream school.
  • John Merrow interviewed Diane Ravitch, who asks why Chicago’s schools aren’t better post-Duncan.
  • The auditor who okayed the city’s graduation numbers has missed problems before, Wayne Barrett finds.
  • Students who don’t report their SAT scores to colleges tend to have lower scores, a study concludes.
  • Most of the (20) people who have taken EdWeek’s poll say New York law will change for Race to the Top.
  • A HS for Law & Public Service teacher, Jason Raymond, will work at the Dept of Ed for the next year.
  • So if teachers aren’t motivated by merit pay, should their salaries be slashed? Some suggest so.
  • Leonie Haimson critiques the New York Times’ article about rising math and reading test scores.
  • Sebastian from “NYC Prep” on why it’s so much fun to grow up in the city.