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Remainders: Where’s the Harlem Children’s Zone replica fund?

  • Researchers of all persuasions critique the city’s test score claims, and the state tests themselves.
  • Andy Rotherham says the test score issue is one that really hasn’t been resolved yet.
  • Schools in Manhattan’s District 3 have made a pact to go green together, with the city’s help.
  • Rick Hess says Obama would do well to move slowly on Race to the Top, or else it will go NCLB’s way.
  • Norm Scott and the Chicago Sun-Times both ask where the money is for gentler school reform initiatives.
  • A city teacher posted about her friend’s DonorsChoose project, and then it was funded.
  • Peter Goodman says the credit recovery guidelines will be David Steiner’s first big test.
  • Do other countries spend their education dollars more wisely, say on preschool?
  • Pissed Off Teacher specs out how her students would have fared if she had dumped the low scorers first.
  • Now federal authorities are investigating whether Chicago schools played fair in admissions.
  • Virtual reality is a new strategy for preparing new teachers for the classroom.
  • Teachers want class size reduction. But they’re wrong, says Jamie O’Leary.
  • Mr. Accountable Talk has some hard-line suggestions for how to clear the ATR pool.
  • Who will tie poor kids’ shoelaces?