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Rise & Shine: Schwarzenegger asking for more reform than RttT

  • A teacher who has long complained about being abused by her high school students has sued. (Post)
  • A former student has nominated Giovanni D’Amato, his high school teacher, for an award. (Post)
  • City Councilman Eric Gioia says he’s responsible for a pilot school lunch program. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger’s schools policy proposals exceed Race to the Top’s requirements. (L.A. Times)
  • Chicago is causing controversy by directing students back to their zoned schools. (Chicago Tribune)
  • NYC-export and Baltimore school chief Andres Alonso got a $29,000 bonus last year. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Philly schools chief Arlene Ackerman says her reform won’t be like other cities’. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • The Post wants you to know it won a statewide writing award for an editorial “blasting the teachers union.”

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