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Remainders: Will higher teacher pay be Bloomberg's ed legacy?

  • Locke HS shows that turnarounds are too hard — it’s better to open new schools, Andy Smarick says.
  • A closer look at Green Dot’s Locke scores. The picture is not pretty.
  • President Obama is in a back-to-school motivational movie, alongside stars who didn’t go to college.
  • Eduflack says Bloomberg is the “education mayor” just by boosting teacher pay by so much.
  • The School of One is on to something. A federal study shows online education is often more effective.
  • Here’s another account of today’s showdown between Joel Klein and an unemployed Teaching Fellow.
  • Mr. Accountable Talk takes issue with the unemployed Fellow’s argument.
  • The school year is beginning in D.C. and there still is no teachers contract, despite Rhee’s promises.
  • From the Race to the Top guidelines, how the federal government defines an “effective teacher.”
  • The Gates Foundation will help states fill out RttT applications, which could take up to 462 hours.
  • Miss Eyre explains how new teachers can make nice and win autonomy from administrators.
  • Enter pictures of your school into a contest about school buildings. Or send them to us.

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