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Rise & Shine: School aides union snubs Bloomberg for Billy

  • Loopholes in a new state program allow high school dropouts to get money. (Buffalo News)
  • Sen. Gillibrand and Speaker Quinn want a child nutrition act renewed, and revised. (WNYC)
  • As many as 5,000 placards could be returned to principals. (Post)
  • Merry Tisch challenged Obama to a debate over NY’s right to Race to the Top. (GothamSchools)
  • The “bag lady” who gave to Hebrew Univ. wasn’t a bag lady at all. (Daily News)
  • DC37, which represents school aides, will endorse Thompson, not Bloomberg. (Times)
  • Diane Ravitch boosts David Steiner in the Post, saying he will toughen the state tests.
  • Note the title of her forthcoming book: “The Death and Life of the Great American School System.”
  • A self-help critic writes in the Daily News that American colleges are declining.
  • Colleges are struggling to ensure that they get enough students to pay the bills. (WashPost)

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