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Rise & Shine: Rumors suggest a governance quid pro quo

News from New York City:

  • One chartering agency approved pre-K for a charter school; another rejected it. (Daily News)
  • Rumor has it Sen. Shirley Huntley wanted a principal fired before she’d vote for mayoral control. (Post)
  • A charter school principal says charter schools provide the best option for special education. (Post)
  • Chancellor Joel Klein lists four of his favorite books, and they’re not about management. (Post)
  • The 9 minutes of the new Board of Education’s lifespan were among the city’s most productive. (Times)
  • DFER’s Joe Williams says Arne Duncan should bar New York from Race to the Top funds. (Daily News)
  • Philanthropist George Soros is supplying a cash bonus for poor children this fall. (Times)
  • New state ed chief David Steiner says teacher preparation is his top priority. (Jamestown Post-Journal)

And beyond:

  • A 4-year teacher in a D.C. charter school explains why she’s leaving the profession. (Washington Post)
  • More Chicago schools have gone year-round, a move that Arne Duncan supported. (Chicago Tribune)
  • The Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorializes in favor of a new model of teacher-led schools.
  • The city’s former health commissioner says schools should not close for swine flu. (Post, Times)
  • Textbooks are becoming obsolete as school districts turn to technology. (Times)
  • Nationwide, school bus routes are on the chopping block this year. (Times)
  • D.C. public school students work as government interns. (Washington Post)
  • Jay Mathews: The moment is right to find more scholarship money for poor students. (Washington Post)

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