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Rise & Shine: Mayoral control to sweep Senate, or stay stuck


  • Senate Dems are ready to approve the Assembly’s governance bill when they go back to work. (Post)
  • Or the Senate’s continued stalemate means mayoral control might never be renewed. (Times)
  • Parents have less say than ever on the new Board of Education. (Daily News)
  • Joel Klein reminded reporters that he’s still in charge of the school system. (Post)
  • Some allege that Eva Moskowitz’s Harlem Success charter school broke locks to expand. (Daily News)
  • HSA is also stopping a second Harlem school from expanding as planned, critics say. (Daily News)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said it’s legal for Sen. John Sampson to sue the schools, but not logical. (Post)
  • Bloomberg’s newest campaign ads have him running on his education leadership. (Post)
  • A Brooklyn principal accused of playing hooky is back early from vacation. (Post)
  • The Post says the schools shouldn’t close for Muslim holidays because kids need more time in class.
  • Newsday says the state Board of Regents should not water down high school graduation requirements.
  • The Wall Street Journal says outgoing UFT president Randi Weingarten is no innovator at all.
  • A state senator describes a boost for arts education hidden in the mayoral control bill. (Gotham Gazette)


  • The Times backs Arne Duncan’s push to close dropout factories and bad charter schools.
  • Arne Duncan is giving out $2.7 billion in stimulus funds to school districts early. (USA Today)
  • Duncan is counting on business leaders to help him enact his favored policies. (Chicago Tribune)
  • And Duncan challenged a national teachers union to rethink compensation schemes. (USA Today)
  • State ed commissioner Richard Mills, who left last week, had a mixed record. (Albany Times-Union)
  • A new online school will be just for girls. (Washington Post)
  • Advocacy groups are calling for a federal ban on restraints for disruptive students. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Jay Mathews meets Mike Durso, the man principals say taught them what they know. (Washington Post)
  • USA Today interviews professor Dan Willingham on what can make learning fun.
  • Summer school lunch programs are feeding hungry kids across the country. (Times)
  • Teaching is no longer a recession-proof career path. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp explains her success to strategic thinking. (Times)

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