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Remainders: How about a Cash for Clunkers for schools?

  • Leonie Haimson points out that the Quinnipiac poll’s mayoral control questions have evolved over time.
  • Insideschools’ Chrissy Strining rounds up the dozens of school moves taking place this summer.
  • If you use this 30-percent-off coupon at several clothing stores this week, DonorsChoose profits.
  • Librarians are lobbying for an ice cream flavor. I vote for Writer’s Block, sans nicotine. (Hat tip to Russo)
  • As long as we’re doing happy birthdays, I’m sending one to Dana Goldstein at the American Prospect.
  • The concept of funding equity is missing from federal education reform initiatives, Goldstein observes.
  • Andy Wolf praises the state’s ed chief pick and says he hopes David Steiner toughens standards.
  • The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools wants a Cash for Clunkers program for schools.
  • Teach for America et al are needed because school districts just aren’t good at hiring, Rotherham says.
  • NYC Educator: “Goodbye to Ms. Weingarten and hello to Thu Tran.” Seriously, click this link.
  • If at first you can’t preserve vouchers in D.C., try, try again. That’s what the Senate’s doing.
  • Jay Mathews says SAT scores are meaningless, but he’s also worried about their accuracy.
  • Golfer Tom Watson as a symbol for the need to keep older teachers around and involved.
  • On the TA question, a teacher argues that leveling the playing field by lowering it isn’t great for kids.
  • Jon Becker: Gifted education is a form of “within-school segregation,” by ability and race.

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