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Remainders: Education mayor for life?

  • The Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School launched its online newspaper today.
  • Whatever happened to “No Child Left Behind”?
  • Mayor Bloomberg isn’t ruling out a fourth term. That is, if his newly permitted third term works out.
  • Wayne Barrett: It’s time for audit-happy William Thompson to start behaving like a mayoral candidate.
  • Bronx Borough President calls on Bloomberg to add Muslim holidays to the school year.
  • Peer review should be a component of how teachers get tenure, a teacher argues.
  • NBC gives more than $400,000 to seven New York nonprofits focusing on 6-12 education.
  • Queens will get its first-ever French dual language program this September.
  • Duncan says Sonia Sotomayor’s mother should be a model for Latino parents.
  • An effort to boost the Teacher Incentive fund by $100 million failed today.
  • Jay Greene says senators may be closing in an agreement to reauthorize the D.C. voucher program.
  • Andrew Rotherham wonders if NCLB and health care’s fate are inversely related.
  • And Arthur Goldstein asks why PS 123 students don’t get the same treatment as HSA students.

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