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Rise & Shine: Eva Moskowitz sides with TA-funding parents

  • Tony Avella, the third mayoral candidate, has made “take back the schools” part of his platform. (Times)
  • Eva Moskowitz says the UFT was wrong to stop parents from hiring teaching assistants. (Daily News)
  • Juan Gonzalez notes that consultants paid by a no-bid contract make more than Joel Klein. (Daily News)
  • A fired federal auditor had said the Teaching Fellows program skirted AmeriCorps rules. (Village Voice)
  • The city’s three all-boys high schools hope to boost black males’ graduation rate. (Village Voice)
  • The Albany Times-Union says new state education commissioner David Steiner has a tall task ahead.
  • California’s schools chief is trying to show that the state actually meets Race to the Top rules. (L.A. Times)
  • D.C. is giving some schools new themes but not changing how they admit students. (Washington Post)
  • Teach for America’s Wendy Kopp is in Australia, where a TFA-like program is starting. (The Australian)

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