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Remainders: Parsing the state's bid for Race to the Top eligibility

  • Thompson: Joel Klein should be fired because he tried to sell the schools instead of improve them.
  • The Race to the Top fund as a vast, very expensive rendition of the classic skit “Who’s on First?”
  • Norm Scott on new state education chief David Steiner: Is Steiner just more of the same?
  • NYC Educator says “mutual consent” really just means that principals can veto incoming teachers.
  • 70 percent of D.C. parents say they would send their kids to private or charter schools if they could.
  • Jay Mathews is spearheading debate over whether an contrary student would make a good teacher.
  • A city schools graduate echoes Obama and praises her school, Bard High School Early College.
  • On the merits of school vegetable gardens, by a Brooklyn mom.
  • A teacher attacks those who blame schools’ problems on masses of incompetent teachers.
  • Mrs. Mimi was feeling wistful about teaching as she relaxed this morning. Then she thought again.
  • There are many ways of thinking about teacher performance pay; all have fans and detractors.
  • Judy Baum provides responses for the perennial summertime complaint, “I’m bored!”
  • A Red Hook school is still resisting a longer-than-planned stay by its resident charter school.
  • Commenters cried foul after Alexander Russo posted a mom’s 24-year-old Chicago school tale.

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