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Remainders: A Bronx mom on why she chose Harlem schools

  • Is there any “industry” as unproductive as education? The libertarian Cato Institute wants to know.
  • Mrs. Mimi, the blogger-turned-book writer, is named Jennifer Scoggin, and she likes GothamSchools.
  • Councilman Charles Barron says the Senate fight, which his wife supports, is bad for black leadership.
  • Teacher JD2718 says Comptroller Bill Thompson should have tackled credit recovery in his audit.
  • A investigative reporter lists what he thinks Thompson’s graduation rate audit should have examined.
  • A new Insideschools blogger from the Bronx explains why she sends her children to school in Harlem.
  • Can’t we all just get along? Clara Hemphill notes that the mayoral control sticking point is pretty small.
  • Two comptroller candidates said Chancellor Klein should be fired; a third, David Yassky, would keep him.
  • Lots of Florida kids know the word “quintessential” — many used it on a state writing test. Coincidence?
  • The city teacher who took her class’s Flat Stanley to Syria for the summer checks in.
  • Aldeman: Mayoral control is good for democracy — just look how much schools are being discussed!
  • Alexander Russo overcame his laziness to FOIL Arne Duncan’s daily schedule. Now he’s waiting.
  • Eduflack is chomping at the bit to analyze the Race to the Top regulations, which come out tomorrow.
  • Liz Willen opposes the cell phone ban in schools, but she’s happy her kids went to camp sans phones.
  • A new report about the D.C. schools says Michelle Rhee might have tried to do too much too fast.

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