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A newly employed teacher grades the city schools' jobs board

The city’s internal hiring system for teachers helped Ruben Brosbe find a new job after his position was cut this spring. But a closer look at the system “doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence,” Brosbe writes in the GothamSchools Community section.

In his newest post, Brosbe grades the Open Market Hiring System, which was created to allow teachers to hunt for open positions. The teachers contract mandates that positions be posted on the Open Market, but some have complained that principals don’t use the system, making it hard for teachers without personal connections to find out about jobs.

In his “Final (Unofficial) Report Card for the Open Market,” Brosbe writes:

Results: Three interviews from 49 applications doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. It’s hard to tell if it’s because principals are being glutted with applicants or if they’re simply choosing to go through other channels, i.e. personal references, to make their hires. Then again, I did get a job. B
Overall Grade: If the results speak for themselves, then the Open Market is a success. However, had I not found a good fit on my second interview, I would still be looking, and I haven’t gotten any responses from the Open Market since July 3rd. If I was still looking, I would have to ditch the Open Market and hit the pavement to look for a job the old fashioned way. B

Read all of Brosbe’s posts chronicling his successful job search.

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