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Rise & Shine: In tough times, a crackdown on parent donations


  • Some principals say charter schools pawn their most difficult students off on them. (Daily News)
  • Senate Dems rallied at City Hall to urge school control negotiations. (Times, Post, NY1, Daily News)
  • The city is cracking down on supplemental school aides paid for by parents. (Times)
  • City Hall pushed for and got a one-year extension of a high interest rate on teacher pensions. (Newsday)
  • The Bloomberg campaign believes the Senate schools fight is good for the mayor’s reelection bid. (Post)
  • The presence of critics is one reason the city doesn’t want parent training to happen at NYU. (Post)
  • Noted author and former NYC schoolteacher Frank McCourt has died at 78. (Times)
  • AP scores were tossed for 300 students at Bayside HS because of testing improprieties. (Post)
  • The city’s hottest pre-K programs accepted less than 5 percent of applicants. (Post)


  • The Wall Street Journal says the test score gains that Chicago claims are “phony.”
  • Parents often want say about who teaches their kids, but schools balk at giving it. (AP)
  • An effort is underway to preserve one of the schools in the Brown. v. Board of Education fight. (Times)
  • The Boston Globe says Massachusetts should welcome Arne Duncan’s policy pushes.
  • A new book about Maryland schools gives short shrift to teachers, Jay Mathews says. (Washington Post)

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