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Remainders: Bloomberg's frank talk about Klein's social skills

  • Announcing a (not-so-)new organization, Teachers Unite, to do what the UFT “has failed to do.”
  • Getting her autistic son to eat broccoli was a joy, and the result of hard work, for one mom.
  • Bloomberg on Klein at WFP event: “Could he have better social skills? We all could, I suppose.”
  • Warren Buffett gave the Gates Foundation another $1.25 billion.
  • Yes, some NEA teachers booed and hissed when Arne Duncan mentioned merit pay.
  • “Darkness at noon” is how Leonie Haimson summarized the Board of Ed meeting.
  • More city students are donning cap and gown, but that doesn’t make the diploma meaningful.
  • The religious right is opposing an Obama education department pick because he is a gay activist.
  • A Native American-centric high school is an example of segregated education in the inner city.
  • Brushing up her resume in case Michelle Rhee fires her next: one teacher’s summer goal.
  • No Child Left Behind’s tutoring program produced small benefits, studies say.
  • Teachers should help define teacher performance, a Green Dot teacher says in an online chat.
  • Familiar bromides, David Bloomfield says of the new special education recommendations.
  • Wikis can help your school increase collaboration.
  • Ruben, our Community section contributor, probably got a job! But is it the right job for him?
  • A greatest-hits mix of Arne Duncan’s NEA speech today:

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