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Rise & Shine: Senate votes on a schools bill, but not the big one

  • The Senate adjourned for summer break early without dealing with mayoral control (Times, Daily News)
  • Kevin Parker’s “Better Schools Act” was debated and voted on last night but lost 40-15. (Daily News)
  • Yesterday’s control talks failed because Democrats and the mayor can’t agree on amendments. (Post)
  • The Daily News says if the Senate can get anything done at all, it should also take care of school control.
  • Many waitlisted kindergartners still don’t have seats in their local schools. (Downtown Express)
  • The West Side Spirit profiles Insideschools’ storied history and financially troubled present.
  • A dozen city students recently traveled to South Africa to meet with Nelson Mandela. (Daily News)
  • This weekend is the memorial for the controversial and beloved principal Frank Mickens. (Daily News)
  • Some states see charter schools as stimulus cash cows and are opening new ones. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Better data management could be driving D.C.’s test score gains. (Washington Post)
  • In a speech on the 100th anniversary of the NAACP, Obama pushed education. (Post)

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