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Rise & Shine: Have state tests gotten easier to pass?

  • The proportion of possible points needed to pass state tests has fallen in recent years. (Daily News)
  • The Senate is back to work today but a vote on mayoral control is uncertain. (Times, Daily News, AP)
  • On the other hand, mayoral control could be the only big issue taken up today. (Newsday)
  • The Times says the Senate should avoid conflict by passing the Assembly’s school governance bill.
  • A new study finds the achievement gap closing a bit for young students. (GothamSchools, USA Today)
  • Charter school booster James Merriman says New York State has the best charter schools. (Times)
  • Parents and teachers are grappling (again) with how much homework is too much. (AP)
  • Obama’s community college plan shows a shifting emphasis away from K-12 education. (Times)

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