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Remainders: Summer break isn't stopping appeals to senators

  • Michelle Rhee says D.C.’s achievement gap will soon be a thing of the past. Petrilli says not so fast.
  • City teachers and the DOE’s press chief are squabbling over what it takes to pass the Regents exams.
  • The parent commission is urging senators to vote no to the school governance law and its amendments.
  • A mother muses about what it means that her daughter is aging up from pre-K to kindergarten.
  • Judy Baum has advice for others in the mother’s situation.
  • Obama is pledging to boost college completion rates. But what about high school graduation rates?
  • Alexander Russo says journalists are letting education sources get in the habit of going off the record.
  • Lots of Chicago’s new schools have been started by system vets, but that doesn’t quiet their critics.
  • Also in Chicago, preschool programs for kids with special needs are getting cut.
  • A teacher gushes over a potential solution to the classroom epidemic of Persistent Dry (marker) Tip.
  • Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor was vague when describing the Gun-Free School Zones Act.
  • Children might get swine flu shots at school this fall.
  • Teachers leave schools where they don’t get to play a role in decision-making, a study has found.

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