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Rise & Shine: Tisch explains her credit recovery reform goals


  • Democratic Sen. John Sampson is still planning to push changes to mayoral control, sources say. (Post)
  • Senate Democrats said last week that they would vote on mayoral control this week. (Post)
  • Senate mayoral control opponents are still saying they will try to block the Assembly bill. (Daily News)
  • The Post asks Randi Weingarten for one last gift before she leaves the city: a renewal of mayoral control.


  • Regents head Merryl Tisch wants to limit makeup credit and bar bad schools from offering it. (Times)
  • Tisch is also asking teacher-training programs to track their graduates’ success. (Daily News)
  • Some of the state’s worst-ranking schools were opened to replace ones the city closed. (Daily News)
  • Eva Moskowitz and Scott Stringer are squabbling about schools. (GothamSchools, Daily News)
  • The Post says folks at Moskowitz’s Harlem Success schools should call the police to stop their critics.
  • The former principal who is credited with turning around a failing school died. (Times, Daily News)


  • In letters, New York Times readers suggest how Arne Duncan can turn around failing schools.
  • The Economist takes a look at Texas’s KIPP charter schools.
  • Jay Mathews rehashes gripes about how he ranks schools by AP participation. (Washington Post)
  • The D.C. Council say they want D.C.’s school voucher program renewed. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Some say that Obama misled the public about Ed Sec Arne Duncan’s record in Chicago. (USA Today)

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