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Rise & Shine: Most New Yorkers are ready to see Bloomberg go

  • The city’s cash-for-grades initiative might not continue next year after the pilot funding runs out. (Post)
  • State Senate upheaval could put mayoral control in limbo, or solidify it. (GothamSchools, Daily News)
  • The city says a contract the comptroller criticized will actually save the city money. (Daily News)
  • Garth Harries is leaving the DOE, after five months on the special education beat. (GothamSchoolsPost)
  • Most people would prefer to see Mayor Bloomberg replaced this fall, a new poll found. (Times)
  • Chancellor Klein honored high school students who overcame tough situations to graduate. (Daily News)
  • New York Times readers weigh in about a Harlem charter school’s plan to pay teachers a lot.
  • Arne Duncan wants to see teachers evaluated based on their students’ test scores. (AP)
  • He also wants to see states (including NY) lift their charter school caps to get stimulus money. (Post)
  • Jonathan Alter says Obama and Duncan must resist pressure to spread stimulus funds out. (Newsweek)
  • Teachers are rebelling against a Scholastic program that sells books and toys in schools. (USA Today)
  • A study suggests that students who take the SAT when they are tired and stressed out do better. (Time)