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NYC Math Test Workbook

To assist in reviewing the results for the latest math tests, I have gathered some data and compiled it into a single workbook that you can download here.  In addition to including some hard-to-find data, the workbook includes filters that allow you compare results based on whatever criteria you find interesting.  The results are sorted by grade and mean scale score.

Some notes:

1. I started with the workbooks provided on the DOE website on this page.

2. I added data from insideschools.org to note schools that are “gifted and talented”, “selective”, and “unzoned”.  Insideschools defines these terms as follows:

“Gifted program: Elementary school programs for which students are selected based on tests, performance assessment or prior grades.  The selection process for G&T was standardized citywide in 2007 and some schools listed on Insideschools as having gifted programs did not accept incoming classes for 2008.”

“Selective program: Middle school programs use a test or screening method such as academic records or an audition to choose its students.  They may be considered the equivalent of elementary school gifted and talented programs.  High school programs use their own admissions criteria, generally a test, audition or portfolio, to select their students.  Some selective programs are located in neighborhood schools; others are open to students from other areas.”

“Unzoned: These schools serve students from a whole district or even all boroughs, and accept children by special application or lottery.  Also referred to as option, choice, or magnet schools.”

Please note that these classifications are difficult to track and change often and, therefore, some of this data might be out of date.

3. I added demographic information for the 2007-08 year made available from files on this DOE page.  Note that this demographic data is a year old.  I haven’t been able to get the most current data.

4. I added the geographic district for all schools (including charters) for comparison purposes.

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