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Remainders: Paterson’s deal, and a chance to grade the mayor

  • Canada says the children of Harlem have “much better options today” because of mayoral control.
  • Paterson strikes a deal, trading limited pension benefits for buyouts and fewer layoffs.
  • The Queens Tribune calls ARIS’s Parent Link a victory for Learn NY.
  • Sharpton’s alliance with Bloomberg and Klein has kept him useful to the Obama admin.
  • Billy Easton says Obama and Duncan have got it wrong: we shouldn’t start reform by closing schools.
  • Insideschools asks you to grade the mayor on mayoral control.
  • ThinkQuest NYC wants the city’s teachers to fundraise and offers to pay the winners in iPods.
  • The Hechinger Institute puts out a new guide for journalists reporting on academic rigor.
  • Here’s a good collection of the mixed reactions the standards movement has elicited from bloggers.
  • Ed Notes offers an explanation of Randi’s actions as the result born of the ’68 UFT strike.
  • When the going gets tough, flee the country and give your kids a good, if unconventional, education.
  • And Eduwonk makes an appearance (albeit a fuzzy one) on Bloggingheads.