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Remainders: On teacher training day, ballroom dancing, photography

  • Norm Scott says that his dissatisfaction with Randi on mayoral control predated the Post op/ed.
  • A Bronx teacher compares a sign at a prison to a sign inside his school.
  • Pissed Off Teacher spent her P.D. day foregoing ballroom dancing and taking photos instead.
  • The New York teachers union is urging members to fight threats to its pension plan.
  • Arne Duncan’s listening tour will move to Newark tomorrow, to a charter school.
  • Missed today’s congressional hearing on charter schools? Twitter will catch you up.
  • In his testimony, Steve Barr of Green Dot suggested Congress make private schools illegal.
  • Joel Klein’s favorite Clay Christensen opposes putting money into struggling schools. (Via Joanne Jacobs.)
  • A Columbus, Ohio, plan will use value-added data about teachers to pay high performers more.
  • Michelle Obama explains to NBC’s Brian Williams why she likes to meet with young students.
  • Richard Dreyfuss is advertising a civics curriculum by religiously avoiding the word civics.
  • Apparently Rothko was a kindergarten teacher! This kind of explains everything.
  • The Gates Foundation lost nearly $10 billion since 2007. Its CEO says the foundation needs improvement.
  • Established education groups like school boards are resisting efforts to send stimulus money to pre-K.
  • Detroit could get mayoral control of schools, if a state lawmaker has his way. (Via Flypaper.)