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What’s being cut at your school? Describe the budget casualties

At schools across the city, principals are struggling right to trim nearly 5 percent from their school budgets by June 18. Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has said that schools will have to cut deep into their extracurricular programming, and some will even have to reduce the number of teachers they employ. But the depth of cuts at the school-by-school level isn’t yet clear.

We’re trying to bring some clarity to the dismal budget picture by documenting how the cuts are affecting individual schools. We’ve just launched a groundbreaking interactive comment map so readers can help us paint a comprehensive picture of the toll budget cuts are taking at schools across the city.

Here’s how the map works: When you add a comment, you’ll be prompted to enter a location. Use the address of your school, or an intersection near it. Then describe the budget cut situation at your school: Will there be fewer teachers working at your school next year? Is your school going to be without an after-school program, music classes, or extra tutoring for struggling students? Is your principal asking community members for advice about what to cut? We want to know it all. Be sure to include the name of your school in your comment. Comments will be ordered by date, so you can update your contribution as the situation changes.

The map was developed by a crack team of programmers at The Open Planning Project, where GothamSchools is housed.

Please note: Comments on this post are closed, because we want you to attach your comments to the interactive map!