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Remainders: In the rest of the world, education policy goes on

  • Excerpts from a parent listserv on the topic of tonight’s mayoral control deathwatch party.
  • Did mayoral control really expire today? A Daily Politics reader says it might have.
  • Business leaders in Chicago have concluded that Arne Duncan’s reforms failed. (Via Russo)
  • A space fight in Red Hook between a district school and a charter school rages on. Norm Scott reports.
  • Mike Petrilli thinks the Supreme Court’s “firefighter case” clears the way for teacher testing.
  • A teacher says she’ll try to enjoy the summer, even though she has to return to the rubber room next fall.
  • Our blogger Ruben Brosbe reflects on what he wishes he had known when he interviewed the first time.
  • Where are Garth Harries’s special education recommendations? Insideschools wants to know.
  • Speaking of Insideschools, today was most of its staff’s last day. More on this tomorrow.
  • Los Angeles schools sup’t Ramon Cortines isn’t pleased that Brüno posed with his students.
  • Britain’s schools chief, Ed Balls, is releasing a paper officially calling for NYC-style progress reports.
  • Randi Weingarten’s most recent “What Matters Most” column is a reflection of her time at the UFT.
  • Here’s an example of what not to write in your kid’s private school kindergarten application.

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