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Rise & Shine: Some say math scores could save mayoral control


  • More than 90 percent of city charter school students passed the state math test. (Post, Daily News)
  • In Queens, 13 schools had every student pass the test. (Daily News)
  • PS 4, MS 223, and PS 214 in the Bronx all saw big test score gains. (Daily News)
  • Parents and teachers in Brooklyn say small classes have been the key to raising scores. (Daily News)
  • Some are predicting that the math scores will be a tipping point for the mayor to keep control. (Post)
  • The Daily News says the charter school scores are proof the city needs to close more failing schools.


  • City labor unions, including the teachers union, have agreed to some health care concessions. (Times)
  • A Red Hook school building is being closed for the rest of the week because of flu fears. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • A Staten Island kid says he was sent home from school because of his unusual haircut. (Post)
  • An East Harlem principal is under fire after distributing a racially loaded survey to teachers. (MYFoxNY)
  • A new program will steer top city college students into teaching math. (Daily News)
  • A Daily News columnist says the only justification for not renewing mayoral control is greed.
  • Juan Gonzalez: The DOE is flouting PS 123 by expanding the Harlem Success school in it. (Daily News)
  • Using the stimulus to save jobs means schools won’t have to change, says a business professor. (CNN)
  • Detroit voters might get to decide whether their mayor gets control of the city schools. (Detroit Free-Press)
  • Only about half of students graduate from four-year colleges in six years, a study found. (USA Today)