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Sen. Sampson to mayoral control supporters: Drop dead

Mayoral control isn’t on the list of bills the Senate Democrats believe must be dealt with by tomorrow, reports Liz Benjamin. A quick reminder: Without a new bill, the mayoral control law expires tomorrow.

Benjamin reports:

We said we are dealing with noncontroversial bills. In our conference mayoral control is a controversial issue, and we would like some input, [Senator John] Sampson told reporters. …The mayor said he does not want the bill to change. Period. But they have to understand that we have a conference that is 31 members strong, and we represent constituencies throughout the State of New York. Asked by the DN’s Glenn Blain if he is ruling out the passage of the mayoral control bill before the 2002 measure sunsets tomorrow, Sampson replied: Am I ruling it out? It will be taken up at some point in time. Pressed Blain: Before the deadline? Said Sampson: As I said before, we are dealing with noncontroversial bills.

No, please, take your time.