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First Dates are Interviews, and Vice Versa

It’s often said that first dates are like interviews, and two years since finding my first teaching job, I can say the comparison goes both ways. The nervousness. The desire to be desired. Fighting the impulse to badmouth your ex.

My first date interview didn’t go so well last week. I’d done as much research as possible going into the experience, checking up on the school’s quality review, report card and review on Insideschools.org. I even began to wonder if there can be such thing as too much information going into a job interview, as I tried to keep an open mind.

After the interview I had mixed feelings. Was I too honest? Did I monopolize the conversation? Did I act interested enough? Did I seem desperate? Did I even want the job?

Days went by, and I waited for the phone to ring. One missed call later, I called back to find the job was given to another candidate. In spite of my ambivalence, rejection never feels good.

So, for now I stay “single,” but without even a decent meal to show for it. Oh well, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea. In fact I’ve got another interview next Monday. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Ruben Brosbe is finishing his second year teaching in the Bronx. He will be writing about his experiences looking for a new position. He also blogs at Is Our Children Learning?

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