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Rise & Shine: With 6 days before control ends, Albany still a mess

  • Scott Stringer’s transition-from-mayoral-control plan involves consulting with school officials. (NY1)
  • The mayoral control countdown clock is at just six days, and Albany is still in chaos. (Daily News)
  • Parent involvement remains a big issue in the control debate, among those who are having it. (NY1)
  • Sen. John Sampson says he wants the opportunity to vote on his own mayoral control bill. (Post)
  • NY1 has video from Randi Weingarten’s resignation speech yesterday.
  • Sol Stern says the calendar deal between the UFT and the city is bad for kids. (Daily News)
  • Results on a DOE survey show that parents, teachers, and students are happy with their schools. (Post)
  • Parents sometimes give up gifted seats to stay in their neighborhood school. (Riverdale Press)