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Remainders: State English and math tests moving to May

  • English and math tests will move to May, Philissa reports. An educator sums up early reaction.
  • The UFT-Green Dot contract has finally arrived. Leo Casey summarizes the details.
  • Teachers and management at Civitas Charter School in Chicago are preparing for bargaining.
  • But a teacher at an upstate charter school wants to give her union the boot. (Via Murphy.)
  • A Hunter College High School senior is Mayor Bloomberg’s dog-walker.
  • A Staten Island public school chorus appeared on Good Morning America.
  • Richard Rothstein’s son is an economist, and he’s challenging value-added teacher evaluation.
  • A mom blogging for WSJ recalls her family’s Year of the Bad Teacher. (Via Pondiscio.)
  • Joel Klein’s keynote address at a national conference on charter schools pumped people up.
  • A teacher catches McGraw Hill reading his blog and begs for better quality textbooks.
  • The Board of Regents approved a new charter school for Albany after a five-year drought.
  • A student in California was suspended for videotaping a rowdy class. (Via Detention Slip.)
  • U.K. schools are banning the “I before E…” spelling rule; too many feisty exceptions.
  • An innovative science-testmaker told Bill Tucker he’s finding interest in China, but not here.
  • Columbia journalism students want help understanding a charter school fund in Newark.
  • A Chicago group is putting out a fact sheet challenging Arne Duncan’s statements.
  • And Leonie Haimson argues that the city is an educational banana republic.