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Principals attack teacher contract deal; “doesn’t put children first”

The city principals union is condemning the labor deal announced by City Hall and the teachers union yesterday.

They’re zeroing in on a plan to scrap two work days from teachers’ load that were added in the last contract negotiation, to many teachers’ frustration. The change moved the working school year for teachers to before Labor Day and added two extra days to students’ year.

The deal announced last night would have school begin on the same day for teachers and students, leaving no official preparation days for teachers.

In a statement just released, principals union president Ernest Logan said the arrangement would leave schools unprepared for students. The “surprise move,” he said, “certainly does not put children first.”

Logan’s full statement:

The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators was dismayed to learn today that the City has signed an agreement with the United Federation of Teachers allowing teachers to go back to school next fall on the same day as their students. This surprise move affects professional development and all other preparation that is needed to ensure a smooth school year for teachers, administrators, parents and students alike. For years, the City has provided school personnel with two days to prepare for the return of students. This unexpected agreement certainly does not put children first.

I put in requests for comment to both the teachers union and the Department of Education but haven’t heard back.