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Rise & Shine: The teachers union, city cut a deal on pensions


  • The city’s high school graduation rate jumped 4 percent this year. (GothamSchoolsCity RoomNY1
  • According to the city’s old formula, the graduation rate is up to 60.7 percent. (Post)
  • John Bowne HS in Queens posted the largest grad rate gains in the city, at 16 points. (Post)
  • Schools that serve ELLs, like Gregorio Luperon HS in the Bronx, help kids graduate more. (Post)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said the higher rate is proof that mayoral control should continue. (Daily News)


  • The UFT and city agreed on a new pension plan that will save the city money. (PostDaily NewsNY1)
  • The AP takes a fresh look at the now-700 teachers and school staff sitting in the rubber room.
  • Joel Klein’s predecessor, Harold Levy, says letting mayoral control expire would be a disaster. (Post)
  • Both the Post and the Daily News say the Senate gridlock is failing New York City kids.
  • Gov. Paterson endorsed the Assembly mayoral control bill that Bloomberg likes. (Daily News)
  • Today’s UFT-Green Dot contract is a symbol of unions’ growing interest in charter schools. (AP)
  • The Supreme Court says special ed parents can skip public school. (Daily News, Times, WSJ, NPR)
  • Chancellor Klein is holding a personal graduation ceremony for a religious Jewish student. (Post)
  • A Catholic school wants to stay open one more year so it can become a city charter school. (Daily News)
  • The U.S. DOE dismantled a little red schoolhouse that symbolized NCLB. (Washington Post)
  • Bronx parents and officials want to make schools are safe from contaminants. (Daily NewsCity Limits)