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Rise & Shine: “The days of tweaks are over,” Bloomberg says


  • Gov. Paterson is putting the Assembly’s mayoral control bill before the Senate. (TimesGotham Gazette)
  • Some are worrying that the Senate won’t regroup in time to deal with mayoral control. (GothamSchools)
  • “The days of tweaks are over,” Mayor Bloomberg said about pending mayoral control legislation. (Post)
  • Daniel Squadron is the first Senate Democrat to back the Assembly’s mayoral control bill. (Daily News)
  • The new Senate Dem leader who wants changes to mayoral control had scores rise in his district. (Post)
  • Bloomberg also said the State Senate has to work out its issues and approve mayoral control. (Post)


  • The city is set to announce increased graduation rates for the Class of 2008 today. (Post)
  • Nurses went unpaid when schools closed because of swine flu, and they are angry. (Daily News)
  • The city’s biggest high schools attracted the most applicants. (Daily News)
  • Budget cuts could kill Ashton Kutcher’s favorite chorus, from Staten Island’s PS 22. (Post)
  • The cuts are costing enrichment classes and low class sizes at schools in Brooklyn. (Daily News)
  • A passage on the English Regents exam this year praised Mayor Bloomberg. (Post)
  • President Clinton is speaking at a Harlem graduation after students lobbied for him. (Daily News)
  • A Jewish student is upset that her high school graduation is happening on a Saturday. (Post)
  • The DOE was planning to destroy a brand-new science lab at a school that’s closing. (Daily News)
  • Major crimes are down and robberies are up in the city schools, according to new data. (Daily News)
  • Chancellor Klein showed up in an article about unsavory Blackberry use in business meetings. (Times)


  • At a speech today, Arne Duncan is going to urge that low-performing charter schools be closed. (Times)
  • The Washington Post says it’s pleased Arne Duncan is using his “bully pulpit” to boost charter schools.
  • In California, two students had vastly different high school experiences just 20 miles apart. (L.A. Times)
  • The Australian official who loves Joel Klein’s reforms met with him again last week. (The Australian)
  • In England, teachers are being told to skip grammar and stop teaching the “i before e …” rule. (BBC)