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Rise & Shine: No more teachers union for KIPP Infinity teachers

  • Reports of crime are down at city schools, the city said yesterday. (Post)
  • Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver issued a public statement supporting his own mayoral control bill. (Post)
  • The UFT withdrew as the bargaining unit for teachers at a KIPP school in Harlem. (Post)
  • Juan Gonzalez says the City Council shouldn’t simply rubber stamp the capital plan. (Daily News)
  • Jay Mathews writes that community colleges have widely varying standards. (Washington Post)
  • Concern is mounting about a new “separate but equal” school building in Park Slope. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • The bankruptcy of a Lower Manhattan museum makes more room for schools. (Downtown Express)
  • The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation is giving schools extra money. (Downtown Express)
  • Students at a Chinatown school are celebrating the first year of their newspaper. (Downtown Express)
  • Los Angeles won’t be able to afford a single Teach for America teacher next year. (L.A. Times)
  • About 250 D.C. teachers will be fired this week because they aren’t up to snuff. (Washington Post)