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Remainders: Obama’s “quiet revolution” in education

  • Rahm Emanuel says Arne Duncan is leading a “quiet revolution” in education reform.
  • After an interview with Randi Weingarten, Sawchuck calls her Henry James-like.
  • Today’s emergency PEP meeting was a perfect example of rubber-stampedness.
  • Parent leader Lisa Donlan says of governance: “Ultimately we get the government we deserve.”
  • Columbia Journalism School students will cover charter schools in a major way this summer.
  • NYC Educator, on Regents-grading: Try “to make them pass by any means necessary.”
  • A report on the state of arts education included the game “Name that instrument.”
  • A Chicago charter school’s teachers voted to join the teachers union.
  • Michigan State is getting a grant to teach education researchers economics.
  • LA Unified will hire no Teach For America members in the fall. (Via Amy Fagan.)

And Bronx students made a documentary showing how they use low-cost laptops: