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Remainders: Will she stay or will she go?

  • Randi Weingarten told NY1 tonight she’ll make a decision about her future by Wednesday.
  • A teacher activist on mayoral control: “Don’t mourn. Organize!”
  • Clara Hemphill in the Huffington Post reminisces about neighborhood high schools.
  • A survey for teachers on testing inside the city’s public schools.
  • The Economist sees mayoral control in black and white, and says Albany chaos is bad.
  • A Page Six report on Weingarten’s private life.
  • Norm Scott pushes Leonie Haimson for UFT president.
  • Cyber charter school teachers in Philadelphia decided to unionize.
  • That makes a WSJ review of the Chubb and Moe book, Liberating Learning, bad timing.
  • Examining an under-used pot of money for early childhood: “advisory councils.”
  • Breaking out TIMMS scores by state and city shows which parts of America are behind.
  • New sortable online data about charter schools, by state and other factors. (Via Smarick.)
  • A teacher-trainer argues that “Stand and Deliver” didn’t really display good technique.
  • Ed Week hears that ATR members are being placed as substitutes, not full-time teachers.
  • Rotherham wonders how the centrality of urban school issues for Obama will play out.