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Assembly passes Silver’s mayoral control bill, 121-18

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s mayoral control bill passed the Assembly 121-18 just now, our Anna Phillips reports to us from Albany. The bill would continue the mayor’s control of the schools until 2015, with some added checks, including strengthened audit powers over Department of Education data.

All eyes now move to the state Senate, where the new Democratic leader, John Sampson, is vowing to fight for more checks to the mayor’s power.

UPDATE: Anna sends in the no votes. They are Alan Maisel, Hakeem Jeffries, Carl Heastie, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Joseph Abbate, William Colton, James Brennan, Mark Weprin, Jose Rivera, Naomi Rivera, Jeffrion Aubry, Daniel O’Donnell, Annette Robinson, Deborah Glick, Vanessa Gibson, Nick Perry, Marcos Crespo, Nelson Castro. Inez Barron did not vote, and Rory Lancman voted yes.

Lancman had been leading the charge to make the Department of Education both a state and city agency, a revision that is not included in Silver’s bill.